UAS Services

Dudek’s Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) services team provides unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based mapping services to deliver accurate data to clients.

We’ve mapped more than 400,000 acres across North America using LiDAR, magnetometry, multispectral cameras, and RGB cameras to develop topo maps, mulispectral assessments, color orthophotos, and survey-grade site maps.

Our team specializes in applying the right technology and managing the mapping process to deliver data accurately and quickly in the most usable format. Learn more about our services here.

Benefits of UAS

UAS surveys save time. A UAS flight is typically significantly less expensive than manned imaging aircraft.  Data collected on a single flight can be reused through a project’s lifecycle to eliminate the need for repetitive data collection. Another cost benefit is enhanced project safety by reducing the time staff need to be on the ground in risky locations.

UAS surveys save money. UAS technology rapidly captures up-to-date data specifically designed for each project. The UAS enables our team to fly targeted areas, reducing project data acquisition costs and allowing processed data to be delivered quickly to the project team.

UAS surveys are efficient. Unlike traditional surveying techniques, UAS technology is fast, requires minimal staff, and overcomes common site access issues such as impenetrable vegetation, boulders, and crevasses.


View our latest webinar on how you can leverage UAS technology here, or sign up for our next webinar here.